Welcome to my Blog. My name is Alex. I'm a 21 year old Trans Woman, I have been on HRT since Feb. 2013.
I'm a star gazer.
From Slam Poetry to Science, my interests are diverse. but if i ever get too into something, I might show off my nerd-ness. So feel free to talk to me about anything/everything.
Fandoms include but aren't limited to: Doctor Who, Avatar: TLA, TFioS (Nerdfighter) Minecraft, Fullmetal Alchemist; Brotherhood.

Jeph, don’t hurt us on this one…

I will fight for this ship with a Cannon!!don’t you me ‘canon’No


Jeph, don’t hurt us on this one…

I will fight for this ship with a Cannon!!
don’t you me ‘canon’




meowling-quim: is such a dangerous website omg you can drop so much money within the blink of an eye


let me tell you about sockdreams okay. everything they have is cute and their “longer” socks which are for taller or curvier people are amazing. i am almost 6 feet tall and not a skinny lady and i bought some thigh highs thinking they’d end up being calf socks on me and just kind of resigning myself to this fate but when they arrived (in like two days, holy shit they mail out fast) not only did they pull all the way up without trouble, they managed to stay up and look cute. as. fuck. OP’s right yo, that website’s a threat to your wallet.

sockdreams is such a legitimate company and I love them a lot.

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I look up — many people feel small because they’re small and the Universe is big — but I feel big, because my atoms came from those stars. There’s a level of connectivity.

That’s really what you want in life, you want to feel connected, you want to feel relevant, you want to feel like a participant in the goings on of activities and events around you.

That’s precisely what we are, just by being alive…

- Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson [ x ]

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tonight I did something that long ago I promised I’d never do again.
What I did was to dream like a Child.
To make a wish on whimsical fantasies.  
To believe in some childish magic.
I promised myself I’d never fall for those empty promises.
I guess desperation has made me weak.
this is the reason I hate myself